Lifetime Passive Income from AltCoin Exchange from 18 May 2018.

Get your Altcoin Ref. Link to Generate Passive Income

Extraordinary passive income opportunities are available in crypto right now. Alcoin Exchange is a Distributed Exchange (DEX) that opens for busines on 18 May 2018.

It’s a revolutionary new exchange. From their site: ‘Using Atomic Swap and State Channel technology, they have built a cross-chain decentralized exchange that guarantees the security of your funds. Atomic swaps give the crypto community a safe way to trade across different blockchains. An atomic swap is atomic in the sense that if the swap isn’t successful, neither party loses out.’

By referring clients to Altcoin Exchange you earn a % of each trader that you refer for life.

Centralised Exchange vs.


The Passive Income Opportunity to Early Adopters

The Referral Program:

Get you own Ref. Link

So 107,127 traders have joined the exchange to date which will be great to kick-start trading volume when they open. The more volume and the greater the number of your Referrals, the greater your income.

Here are back of the envelope calculations of the Passive Income that is available.

More Bitcoin is traded daily than the FANG stocks. Get you own Ref. Link. Note that the estimate is $41 a year. The payment is forever, so the forecast for 10 years is $410 per Referral. Referral income is for life.


Daily trading volume of is assumed to be $10 million in their first year. This is conservative. IDEX, the most successful DEX at the moment, does $20 million on a good day. Global Crypto trading volume is presently around $22 billion. Moreover it is on an parabolic rising trend. This can be observed at CoinMetrics. Note that the y-axis is logarithmic!

Crypto trading volumes (using BTC volume as proxy):

The Referral payout in the sheet is set at 20%. You get 20% with 50–100 Referrals. It increases to a maximum of 30%.

What is Altcoin Exchange becomes a Top 50 exchange? Currently that requires daily volume of $30 million. Payment is then $123 per Referral annually, $1,230 over ten years.

The Team

In Autumn 2017 Altcoin Exchange gathered its team together and announced its plans. This was frankly a messy lauch as there was confusion whether Vinny Longham was an advisor.

Altcoin Exchange has a fine team of advisors including the highly respected traders Josh Olszewicz (CarpeNoctom on Twitter) and Nick Cote (mBTCPizpie on Twitter). These are old-school OGs, and have never blemished their reputaions with paid trading groups and all that crap.

Join Altcoin and get your own Referral Link.

(This opportunity is not available on the Altcoin website. I just checked and there is no reference to it on the website. The only way to get your own link is to sign up under my link.)

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