Telecom Field Technician job discription

Charter Communications International of Venezuela, CA I mportant service company, is in search of field technician to perform the following functions:

Perform Activities such as: Dedicated Internet and Broadband service facilities, Technical inspections, preventive and corrective maintenance.
Fault care (Identify and solve problems with prior authorization).
Site Survey (evaluate antenna location to achieve better coverage and performance)
Preventive, corrective maintenance and installation of antennas in self-supporting towers a height of approximately 100 meters.
Realization of structured cabling for the interconnections of the equipment and antennas.
Configurations and alignment of telecommunications equipment in the field area, (Canopy Antennas (Motorola), Nano Station, Nano brigde Technology AIRMAX (Ubiquiti), Prost Arispan, Micromax base station Technology (WIMAX).
Configurations of PCs, laptops and desktops, formatting, software and hardware installation, printer management and configuration.
Installation of electric backup of each red access point. (Investors, Battery Banks and Voltage Stabilizers).
Basic knowledge of IP addresses
Diagnosis and identification of fiber optic faults, measurements of levels with Power Meter and reflectometries with OTDR.
Location of fiber optic cuts.
Laying of new fiber optic cables as lineman or leader of fibers, emplames by arch of suspension with different splicers.
Knowledge in maintenance of splicing machines.
Perform the test of the installation and tuning of the components (connectors, amplifiers) and communication equipment in order to guarantee the required quality and reliability respecting the agreed costs
Verify the assembly of the equipment in boxes, panels or cabinets.
Install and configure the different components and subsystems necessary for the client to receive the contracted services: amplifiers, communication terminals, PABX switchboards, concentrators, modems, modulators, etc.
Execute corrective maintenance plans.
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