Thoughts On Social Media

It’s no secret social media is taking over. It consumes a good amount of everyone’s time. Whether it’s Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, the list goes on. We are obsessed with what other people are doing or what they are thinking that opening a social media app every 5 minutes to get an update has become a habit. Social media is also offering quick news updates and shopping deals which is handy but just another reason to keep our eyes glued to our phones.

I used to be connected to social media just as much as the next person. I scrolled through twitter when I should have been studying for a quiz, I spent 10 minutes filtering and captioning an Instagram photo when it should only take 2, I snapped what I thought my friends had to see instead of just enjoying the moment. We are all guilty for spending too much time and energy on media.

A couple months ago I realized how easy it is to be blindly obsessed by social media. I personally am not a fan of staring at my phone constantly so why even have the temptation to get on the apps in the first place. I deleted Twitter and Snapchat to disconnect myself from the constant thought of what others are doing and thinking. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to put your opinion out there and show the world what you’re doing, however, I personally don’t care to see that, so I eliminated it out of my life.

On the other hand, I still have Instagram and VSCO because I enjoy looking at pictures and these are the main social media picture apps. I use Instagram so I can follow a lot of fitness gurus to look up for workouts. I noticed that when I am on these apps it is for a reason, not just because I am bored or trying to procrastinate.

Although there are 4 main social media apps that society uses right now, I won’t be surprised if in a couple decades different apps hit the market and I’m sucked back into the social media world. They are already very powerful and I’m assuming that they will only advance as time goes on. Hopefully everyone can see what the good uses are for social media and not be a prisoner to these sites.

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