Maybe our borders are working just fine

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Just a couple of days ago, a bunch of far right YouTubers got denied entry into the UK. Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern were detained and questioned and ended up being refused entry and being banned by Border Force. Far right activists turning to YouTube seems to be a trend that is growing all due to algorithms. YouTube is in a pretty messy fight with these guys as many well-known members of the right are now manipulating YouTube to grow their content and profile. The prime topic that unites the right is immigration. So the fact that these YouTubers ended up being denied under the terrorism act is pretty hilarious.

I remember my first reaction in reading the news was just plain laughter. Looking into the story a little more, it wasn’t surprising to see them tweet angrily and play the victim. The great thing about the whole incident is that Sellner, Pettibone and Southern have no idea how silly they look. It’s rather funny that the three of them they got kicked out of a country because of their beliefs when that’s exactly what they are trying to do to others. Members of the right are known for complaining loud and clear that we need to control our borders. They are literally travelling around the world to lecture other countries about it. In the case of these YouTubers, Border Force acted and did exactly what these guys have always wanted: filter out extremists. And now suddenly, they’re throwing a fit because it affects them.

Border Force assessed the three so called activists as “not conducive to the public good” which just goes to show that our borders are working perfectly fine. They saw the three as a threat to our society because of their previous controversial activities. I mean these guys have worshiped the idea of a travel ban and they got what they wanted, right? The three were angered but also resorted with the same tactic to criticize the authorities who handled them: freedom of speech. What they don’t seem to understand is that freedom of speech is not the same as hatemongering and harassing others which is exactly what is behind their brand of politics.

Members of the far right argue that Europe needs to secure their borders and treat outsiders with suspicion…which is exactly what these YouTubers got. So now that they’ve had a taste of what it’s like to be profiled, maybe travel bans aren’t such a bad idea after all?

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