Don’t become a technology addict!

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Back in 2004, when I landed my first job, I didn’t have a mobile phone. That was the time when mobile phones were introduced.

I got my first Nokia phone with excitement. My friends used to wish me at 12 am on my birthday.

Networking was hanging out with friends on a weekend.

I was happy making a national call to a friend from a phone booth.

I travelled without a mobile and no one was concerned about anything.

Fast forward…

Then came in social media like Orkut (RIP) and Facebook. People started sharing their photos, videos and stories.

And here we are:

With smartphones – a one-shot killer with all addictive elements in it.

What’s the impact?

  • People live in a digital world.
  • Teens have become addictive to the digital world.
  • Parents regret why they gave smartphones to their kids.
  • Many kids can’t live without playing games in phones.
  • Your closest buddy sends you birthday wish through Facebook post or a WhatsApp message.

No, this isn’t the technological advancement that humans should appreciate.

Social networking is good but not at the cost of losing real relationships.

Stop living in the virtual world. Start living in the real world.

We are digging our own grave. Wake up!

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