3 Totally Understandable Reasons People Should Not Abandon Facebook

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From celebrities like Jim Carrey leaving this social media platform for being affiliated with the Russians to publishers and writers quitting this networking website because of the stringent algorithm changes — most people on the internet are either running away from Facebook or thinking about the alternatives.

But you know what, I won’t leave you Facebook although the internet is trolling the hell out of you.

1) Facebook is our childhood buddy — with all our transformations, secrets and

Even though we have many other options, we know Facebook as an old-time friend. It’s been over a decade now. I remember playing multiplayer games with friends and family via Facebook, and also the time when I spent over six hours a day sharing my scores and chatting on it. I remember the pokes and man, how much some people loved poking me. I also can’t forget those friend requests that had a lot of hilarious grammatical mistakes, especially the ones that wrote “frandship” instead of “friendship”.

So many memories are attached, it just seems a little impossible to quit now. Oh and how can I forget the dilemma of choosing the “right relationship status” or the fact that it was such a thing or rather “a challenge” I’d say to share an image of you with your boyfriend on your profile photo. I can also recollect the time when people became a sleuth investigating let’s say the new girlfriend of their ex. Now tell me, how on earth can people forget all this and move on?

2) Can You Ditch Your Facebook Community?

Alright so this social website is under fire, but how can people leave their community on Facebook? I know people with over 300 friends and pages with over 5000 followers, and I am only wondering how some individuals and businesses are easily saying good-bye. Strange, you know. I mean graphic designer Will Paterson did say in one of his videos that your fans on social media are not your clients, but they’re your community — yes, the ones who support you. It’ll be rather sad to ditch them, unless you ask them to migrate to the new platform you’ve got your eye on.

3) Original Purpose: To Connect With Friends

You know that the initial mission of Facebook was to connect you with your friends and family. At least, I can say that I found at least twenty people from my old school — the one’s I totally shoved out of my life while growing up. How many lost friends were you able to find on Facebook? It’ll be a shame to vamoose after this social site literally helped you find your friends, acquaintances and relatives.

Have you got a reason not to desert Facebook?

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