Documenting vs Creating

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I have always struggle to get started with content because I had the wrong approach

Once upon a time, I wished to be just like the Youtuber I watched during my spare time in Uni. I wanted to build a fitness channel and inspire people through the videos I put out. I want to gain as much followers and subscribers as I can. I want to live like Steve Cook or Greg O Gallagher, to touch people’s lives.

I would try to plan and write notes on what I want to do on my first ever video on Youtube. I waited for the house to clear up to shoot my videos and speak softly so nobody can hear me but the camera. I would do all the things you imagine a first-timer would do.

But, every time I finished it, I always run into a brick wall. What if nobody like what I put out? I am no fitness guru, I am just a kid that is trying to get a six pack? What if my closest people laugh at me? What if, what if, and what if.

That was all I thought about.

What was the Trigger to Start You Asked?

The reason I threw away all those excuses and start to put out contents is that one man. *drumroll* Gary VEEynerchuck. If you haven’t heard this guy or exposed to his contents, what are you doing? Seriously get on his stuff, it makes you want to get up in the morning and crush any goals you ever dream of.

I have been listening to him for a while when I was trying to put out my very first content. None of his motivation got to me until I came across one of his videos on Youtube, Document vs Create.

This is when that lightbulb in me sparked, I finally got it. It changed my mindset and the way I approached the whole thing.

Document vs Create

What does it mean? it means exactly the way you read it. Let me explain how I perceived this.

Most people that are about to start to put out any contents such as writing articles, putting out videos, or posting on pictures, always think what should I create that will get more likes or more followers. At least, this is what I was thinking the whole time. As a person who is not very creative, it is hard to find contents that is original enough for people to find it captivating.

This is where Gary Vee comes in, he preached that we should start by documenting our journey. Document everything you do until you reach your goal until you become successful. Then you can look back at that documentation and enjoy all the process you went through to become the “future” you. Then you can look back and inspire your followers by showing the process you went through.

That there is no easy way to become successful, it takes hard work and a lot of consistency. Most people don’t see the process of famous talented people. All they see is them today. We only see Kobe Bryant today, we only see Beyonce today, we only see Kevin Hart today. Try listening to their process of becoming who they are, there is a up and downs that they went through. There are rejections and hardships that they have to bulldoze through.

Now imagine, if you document all that process, you can inspire people and show that nothing is impossible if you put in the work.

That was it

This was it after he preached that to my face, I picked up the camera, got my pencil and went straight to creating contents. I put out my first video which was very crappy. I wrote my first article which was very very hard to read. But I know that all of this is okay. It is the process, everybody goes through this.
Now what I am focused on is being consistent at what I do and try to learn to improve my crafts daily.

So always always please remember to

Enjoy the process 🙂

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