3 Reasons Why Pinterest is the Best Tool to Grow Your Social Media Following

Pinterest pins last longer than any other social media post or video.

Growing your business online may seem like a lot of difficult work when you are just starting. You are pressured to be present on every social media platform, and you are pushing yourself to post the “right” amount of times per day to gain high level visibility.

Talk about exhaustion.

These posts take time to perfect. You are batching out content for the week or even for the month. This takes a lot of skill and consistency to find the voice you audience needs to hear. You may be wondering when you will actually have the time to tend to your business. I mean, after all, that is why you are growing a following.

There is an easier way to gain massive exposure and gain a huge following.


It is one of the fastest growing websites and the second fastest growing membership platforms in the world of social media. People are joining daily to interact with the things that interest them most. Although many think Pinterest is just for fun or to be inspired through pictures, you can also use Pinterest as a site for your business to bring in the tribe you’ve been seeking.

With just a basic business account with 62 followers, I managed to gage over 3,400 views within a four day span. Of course, there were a few tips and tricks that I used along the way from the Yes Supply Collective Course.

One of those social media hacks include actually signing up to have a business account for Pinterest. Very few people never make the switch and miss out on some amazing features that could bring them more business.

Another tip to use is to create boards dedicated to specific things your business specializes in. Maybe you are a fitness trainer and health coach, so some of your boards might include workouts, meal plans, and resting tactics. Be sure not to cram your board with tons of different interests. You want to give your audience various opportunities to see what all you can offer them, as they have the opportunity to follow your unique boards.

Through using just these two tips, traffic to my website went through the roof. People were downloading the free challenges and being added to my email list. No more posting a million times in Facebook Groups, hoping someone will bite!

If that doesn’t persuade you, then here are three more reasons why you should be using Pinterest right now to expand your brand:

  1. Pinterest is a search engine similar to Google.

Anytime someone is curious to know something, they will either head to Google, or they will pull up Pinterest right away. The benefits of them using Pinterest over Google is that they will get a visual image to help them process the information. With the variety of pins, most people will want to save all of them by creating their own board. This will allow them to come back to the pins should they ever need to know something in this area of interest again.

That means they have the chance to be exposed to your business more than just one time, like we are used to on other social media platforms.

The cool thing about this is that you don’t have to spend time guessing and hoping to find out who your tribe is. It will be made clear because these people will pin your pins or follow your boards easily. When they do, you know they are heading to your website, or you can take the initiative to message or thank them for pinning your pin. This is the surest way to build relationships that will soon lead to profits.

2. Pinterest allows you to spam without “looking spammy”.

Most people build a social media following so they can ultimately sell something. Whether it’s a book, a course, or whatever, you have to have nailed down the right audience to become your customers. As mentioned above, Pinterest allows you to find the right people for exactly what service you offer to the world. Even further than that, pins serve as “free ads” to your potential customers to learn more about you.

Guess what?

There is no limit to how many pins you can make. People won’t look at you crazy if you have 30,000 pins saved to a board, as opposed to posting 50 times per day on Facebook. They actually won’t even know the time or day you made the pin. You can even re-pin your pin as much as you would like to have it gain more exposure.

An average pin on Pinterest lasts one month after it was originally posted, sometimes even longer. When you send out a tweet on Twitter, it only lives about 18 minutes. That is nothing compared to a pin.

3. Pinterest runs on autopilot.

Once you pin a pin, you never have to worry about doing the work again. It’s basically one and done. 80% of pins become re-pins, which gives it a higher chance to go viral. Even if your post is shared on Facebook, it doesn’t always have the same affect as it did when you first posted it. In contrast, pins that are re-pinned gain even more momentum to show up in the search engine on Pinterest.

You never know who can find out about you on this search engine. It can lead you to booking your next client!

If you are ready to get your Pinterest business account started and driving traffic to your website for new customers, then click here to join the Yes Supply Collective for Girl Boss Entrepreneurs!

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