snapchat update 2018

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Snapchat updated by itself in my Iphone around 3 days ago, and in my personally opinion I hate it. It’s an annoying update and it feels like they went back in time instead of forward. They merged all of the features that they had been introducing and it is a disaster. Snap Maps is the only thing that stayed the same. As a daily user of snapchat, and receiving snaps daily, I hate that stories of people that I don’t care about appear in as new snaps, because they mess up who I have streaks with, who sent me a snap and who I may be trying to avoid. It’s clearly a mess and it’s easier to get confused and send snaps to incorrect people. Apparently they updated the whole app because the ads (magazines, and famous people) where trying to gain more money and that’s an easier way to do it. Almost everyone hate the new update and some artists and famous people have speak up about it in twitter and other platforms. Another thing that is annoying, is that the bitmojis appear really big and streaks really little. I want to stop using snapchat all together. I would quit all of the advertisings and I would get the stories back to how they were. I don’t think I would really add anything. Less is more and this is one of the occasions where this applies, less is more, they should just stay with all of their features and arrange them in a simple way. But if I had to add a new feature, I think I would bring the “best friends” feature back. As of actually adding something that has never been on snapchat, maybe I would make it able for people to change their usernames and to know how many snaps you have sent to a certain person, counting how many single snaps have been sent to a specific person, that would be really interesting to know. And I would also add some graphs about when is the time when you send more snaps, which day and to who. This way you will be able to know at which time of your life you sent the most snaps and when you didn’t. It doesn’t really have a use but it would be interesting. I would also add a feature, that when you’re in snapchat and listening to music, people can know which song you’re listening to, like on spotify.

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