onG.Social Announces Partnership with the Global Leader in Virtual Reality

In a huge news release, onG.Social officially announced a partnership with the global leader in Virtual Reality, CEEK VR. For those not familiar with the VR landscape CEEK has established themselves as the leader in the VR space through a combination of brilliant leadership (the CEO is literally a rocket scientist), an all-star team, and some very impressive patents. CEEK has also secured an astounding list of partnerships with T-Mobile, Apple and Universal Music to name a few. It’s no surprise that they’ve secured their way at the top. They’re just finished a very successful private sale at CEEK.IO and the excitement is palpable in the crypto-world as they move into their pre and public sales.

For onG.Social’s community there’s one aspect of this partnership that’s going to be an absolute game-changer. Inside the Virtual Reality Metaverse CEEK has a virtual world called “CEEK City” and onG.Social will have it’s own custom branded environment inside that world that will host celebrity interviews, VIP guest speakers and exclusive events that will be truly out of this world. If you want to see a preview of “CEEK City” check out the video below and you’ll see the future of VR, which is a kindred spirit to onG.Social, proving again that we truly “Achieve More Together.”

onG.Social always wants to involve it’s community as much as possible so they’ve announced a contest to name their new custom virtual reality environment inside CEEK City! Entrants in the contest will begin by joining the onG.Social/CEEK VR group page on Then in the opening round all participants will bring their A-game and post their best idea for a venue name. After that the onG.Social executive team will select the top 5 best ideas and the community will vote to see which 3 are winners. The grand prize winner gets all the glory of having their name chosen as the new custom venue name in CEEK City! The second and third most popular entries will still walk away with some nice prizes so it’s time to think up some awesome names! There’s only 1 official entry per person so give us your best idea! So join the onG.Social/CEEK VR group page on and let’s celebrate this partnership together! Click here to join the group at onG.Social. If you don’t already have an account at, no worries, just click here and follow the instructions below.

Since we’re celebrating onG.Social and CEEK’s partnership both companies are contributing to the bounty! The first, second and third place winners will win both ONG and CEEK tokens!

1st Place- 100 ONG Tokens and 100 CEEK Tokens
2nd Place- 50 ONG Tokens and 50 CEEK Tokens
3rd Place- 25 ONG Tokens and 25 CEEK Tokens

If you’re like a big chunk of the crypto-world then you’ll want to check out their token sale. The headline from the CEEK registration site put it’s popularity with the Crypto/blockchain community in perspective. “Private Sale was a quick success and is now closed.” There’s still time to get in to the Pre-sale and Public sale, but you need to register right away.

CEEK VR Token sale schedule

Pre-Sale February 5th-12th

Public Sale February 12th-18th

Remember you must be registered before the start dates so move this to the top of your to-do list or you might miss your chance. Please register at CEEK.IO

Here’s some background on our new partner. For more information please visit, here’s just a taste from the CEEK VR website.


“CEEK IS AN AWARD-WINNING DEVELOPER of hardware and software for Omni-channel distribution of Virtual Reality (VR) experiences who creates, curates, and distributes VR content for world-class partners on the CEEK Virtual Reality Platform and patented headsets. CEEK provides several channels of VR content (both originally created and professionally licensed) over CEEK VR’s experience distribution platform, which can be viewed from ANY VR headset.”

“With the launch of a NEW Smart VR Token called CEEK, Token holders (CEEKERS) will be able to participate in immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences that grant CEEKERS special access to a tokenized rewards exchange inside exclusive CEEK enabled, virtual reality venues around the globe.”

“CEEK virtual reality environments are governed by Ethereum Smart Contracts, allowing token holders ability for flexible, tokenized ‘in-world’ interactions, rewards, voting, contests, virtual goods and more ‘in-worldtransactions utilizing ERC20 compliant Tokens called CEEK.”

“Each CEEK Token holder will be able to participate in virtual reality space for real world celebrity concerts, charity fundraisers, sporting events, VR commerce, classroom learning and much, much more as the exciting world of virtual reality meets real world opportunity through Smart Contract governance.”

“CEEK VR, Inc.’s partnership agreement with Universal Music Group grants exclusive rights to live performances with top tier artists including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, U2, Sting, Neyo and more! CEEK has upcoming releases with major studios and influential producers.” couldn’t be more proud to be partnered with such a stellar established company! Stay tuned to see how this partnership will “Achieve More Together”!

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