Social Media and Your Career

I have always found social media very interesting, because I am from the generation of kids that when Myspace and Facebook was first invented, we didn’t know what all the fuss was about. None the less, social media is one of the most influential ways we communicate in todays society. Almost all of us have a social media account of some description. According to the 2017 Sensis Social Media Report, 79% of all Australians are on social media with 59% of people using social media every day. This is probably because the benefits of using social media out way the negatives. Used positively, it can be a platform to express yourself, link with long lost friends, stay connected with family members overseas and potentially establish loving and lasting relationships.

I often think of a friend who is extremely shy in person, however when she is on social media, she thrives as the confident successful business woman she is. On the other hand, I appear to be the opposite on social media. I tend to find myself cautious online and have been completely disconnecting from it at times when I feel I need to focus on myself.

Artists use social media to promote themselves and their work, however, almost all of my friends are artists in various forms and being flooded by all their achievements on Facebook and Instagram, can sometimes be overwhelming. No one posts about the failed attempts to land a job, or the audition that got cancelled, or the falling out they had with their agent. People tend to only post about their successes and rightly so, they should be proud. However, when all I am seeing is how successful all my friends are, it starts to create doubt in my mind that I am failing when I don’t secure a gig. This is why I take breaks from social media.

So how do we as artists, balance social media and our career?

I am fascinated by the people that can forge an entire career out of being an Instagram model and although many people would question the authenticity of that career, these people are very good at managing their image and their brand.

Social media can be a creative stage for an artist to promote themselves. It is a fantastic way to connect with other artists or scope out any potential clients. I get a feel for their brand and use that research when collaborating.

I tend to keep my Facebook private, mainly using it as a way to connect with family but my Instagram account, I use to express how I see the world as an artist. This account is public. Everyone can see it. This is very important for me to remember. I need to manage my image, otherwise having the account could potentially damage my reputation if I don’t use it professional.

Overall social media is very powerful and so why not use it to our advantage. I believe it is another tool to put in an ever-growing quiver of inspiration. Every situation is going to require a different skill set, social media is another skill to use in our career.


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