TravelFlex: Connecting the Travel Industry to Blockchain.

Travelflex ICO cryptocurrency

The travel industry is one of the world’s largest industries, with steady growth every year. In 1995, about 520 million people travelled internationally. 20 years later, in 2015, this number had grown to 1,065 million people. The travel industry provides employment to more than 292 million people, which accounts for 10.2% of worldwide employment.

Travelers first paid with cash, then there were travelers cheques, and eventually there were payment cards to make financing your trip easier. With the development of better modes of transport and the invention of the airplane, reaching the other side of the world has become even easier.

Travelling has evolved in the past years, however, we at Travelflex believe we can take it to a higher level. Travelflex wants to connect the travel industry to blockchain, to make travel financially cheaper and more secure.

When you pay with Travelflex coins (TRF), you don’t have to worry about paying high fees for exchanging cash money, using the ATM or your credit card.

Your TRF can not be lost or stolen, unlike the cash money or your credit cards you are carrying to your destination. You will never have any problems with the ATM not accepting your debit card or even swallowing your card. Travelflex will come with its very own physical card that can be used at every ATM. Furthermore, we want to install special Travelflex ATMs at major travel hubs, so you can print your TRF like travelers cheques and scan your cheques at our ATMs. The printed coins only work with your own pincode, so even if you lose your print-out, no worries, no one else can use your cheques.

Your credit card information can easily be stolen. When you hand in your credit card at the hotel, someone can easily copy your credit card information and use it for themselves at a later time. The information from the Travelflex card and Travelflex cheques can not be stolen, as they still need your own personal pincode to work.

When you make a payment to a hotel, TRF will work as an escrow. The coins will only be paid on the day of arrival, with your in-app approval. So, even if you arrive at your destination and it seems like the hotel does not exist or you are not receiving the service you were promised, you do not have to worry about losing money.

What’s more, mining TRF will be done through our mobile application. There will be no need for expensive hardware, CPUs, graphic cards or ASICs. Everyone with a mobile phone can mine TRF. The mobile application is a unique social application. It has a friendlist, an encrypted chat function and it can be linked to social media.

TRF does not just want to change the way you travel, we also care about changing the world. This is why we set up various wallets for charity. Every time you mine TRF, you will be able to donate some of the TRF to a good cause. More info:

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