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Minerva (OWL) is a platform and crypto that provides additional revenue streams to merchants who accept their tokens as a payment method. Minerva is also the world’s first reverse merchant processor that makes it possible to address the problem of crypto-curent adoption by introducing incentive payment solutions that disrupt trade to accelerate the crypto and smart contract application in mainstream. Of course Minerva was built to overcome the problem of using digital money later. .Minerva applies blochain technology that is with smart contracts that help overcome the problem of excessive price changes, changing the way business approaches crypto. By bridging the gap between business and customers. We strive to demonstrate short-term fluctuations that are less severe through Proof-of-Transaction and introduce incentive payment solutions to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency and smart contracts in the mainstream. Minerva pays the transaction fee to the business and does not charge a fee. Minerva’s hope is to help bring the mainstream of digital currencies in a stable manner. Minerva Technologies S.a.r.l., a Luxembourg-based blockchain technology company composed of team members and advisors from around the world.


New cryptocurrencies are introduced almost daily and their value can grow exponentially from the start. At the same time, many were abandoned after the novelty and market of the “honeymoon period”, after which soon fell out of meaningful use. Despite this newborn market’s cryptocurrency features, it is clear that some of the statistical properties of the cryptocurrency market have stabilized over the years. The number of active cryptoes, the distribution of market share, and the crypto diarrhea turnover remain predictable.

By adopting a mathematical perspective, we see a neutral model of the economy of cryptocurrency. This allows one to gather insights based on clear empirical observations, regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of one crypto above the other. We have used this research to uncover the unique nature and important factors for understanding how cryptococcus provides value to end users and long-term token holders.

  • What if Ripple provides a unique benefit to companies in Indonesia outside the banking industry and other financial institutions?
  • What if Bitcoin is not controlled almost exclusively by speculation?
  • What if the Ethereal mining rewards for the company? accept it as payment and accumulated by the platform.


Minerva will be used on a carefully selected platform subject to strict auditing and transparency approvals. It is unlikely we will consider parterning with any platform with> 15,000 Alexa rankings.


Minerva is currently the token and smart contract ERC20 system built on the Ethereal blockade. Following this standard, Minerva tokens are easily transferable between users and platforms using an ERC20 compatible wallet, and can be seamlessly integrated into the exchange.


Certain OWL tokens will be held and issued for businesses to serve as “signing bonuses” subject to the slow-time-release and distributed algorithms on a first come bases, first served at 5% of bonus vaults to the point where the vault becomes almost exhausted and 5% signing bonus is not significant.


In the diagram above, the crowdsale tokens are shared between several factions. 70% token will be distributed among crowdsale participants. 10% will be distributed among the founding team and advisers. 10% will be reserved for long-term operational costs and new advances. 5% will be reserved for distribution to a new partnership in the form of signing bonuses. The remaining 5% will be reserved and shared between the promotional gift and the diligent bug bug program. All values transferred in exchange for the OWL tokens during the crowdsale are Minerva Technologies S.a.r.l income.


Voting is based on the Schelling point method inspired by Vituris Buterin’s SchellingCoin, but modified to be more resistant to manipulation (described further below), to determine the approximate Minerva / USD conversion ratio.

In addition to the normal transfer of OWL tokens, users will be able to use a function that enables the transfer of tokens and polls in a single transaction.

Since this “piggybacking,” voting will have a minimal gas cost (transaction fee).

Instead of voting, voters will be given a certain number of polling tokens that are associated with their Minerva stocks that are deposited for voting.



Development of Basic Platform for External Market Simulation
Integration / Compliance Testing
Content Translation
List of Exchanges
Security Audit Legal CounselInitial


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