Leekico and Lbank Have Reached Targeted Tokens Sales Ahead of Schedule, Ink Crowdsale Is Going Super Hot!

Leekico and Lbank have reached targeted tokens sales two days in advance, thanks for the support of the investors.

Allcoin, ICOstop & Bitthai are still in the process.

··········· Ink ···········

Ink is a set of blockchain solutions for the global creative industry. It is a Sovereign Consortium Blockchain for specific cultural circles. It is also an IP Asset Exchange platform based on Qtum. Through the Ink Cross-chain Protocol, it enables free flow of value and information between public chains and consortium chains. Ink seeks to create a new global Creative ecosystem. 

From November onwards, Ink will be listed on various exchanges. 

Please stay tuned to our latest updates.

More information please refer to: 

Official Site:







Information on tokens:

Name of token:INK

Type of token:QRC20

Total issuance amount:1 billion, 80% for the community and 20% for the team

Hard cap: 11000BTC

Identify verification: required (Chinese and American Nationals are not allowed to participate) 

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