How to check your RFL balance in MyEtherWallet (MEW)

Step 1:

– Go to the MyEtherWallet website ( please make sure the website has

the ‘MYETHERWALLET LLC [US]’ Certificate on the top left of your URL. The certificate will look as follows.

In this guide we will briefly go through the steps in order to add RFL to your token balances in MyEtherWallet (MEW). Since RFL is deployed on the Ethereum network every ERC-20 wallet has support for our token and can display your funds.

Step 2:

– Click on view wallet info

– You can now open up your wallet, either with your UTC file and password, private key or simply with your address only.

-View your wallet with the address only option as shown in the image below, since you only want to open your wallet.

Step 3:

– In your wallet overview there will be an option to ‘Add Custom Token’. Click on this button and fill out the fields with the following information.

  • Address: (this is the address of the RFL token, not the sale address. Only use this address for viewing your balance.)


Token Symbol: RFL

Decimals: 18

– As shown in the image below, you can fill in the fields with the correct data.

– Once you press save, the RFL token will be added with the according balance.

  • If you bought any RFL tokens they will now be visible in your wallet under ‘Token Balances’.

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