Bitcoin/BitcoinCash/ETH Coke/Pepsi/RC – The Coke Hardfork

Did Coke do a hardfork to save both Pepsi and Coke from RC Cola.

As things play out in Bitcoin, I am reminded of another game I watched.    Remember RC Cola?

There was a time when Pepsi and Coke got fat and lazy, they were satisfied with their positions as 1 and 2 in the cola market.  A quiet competitor came out of the blue, RC Cola.  It started with Teens who thought it was an act of rebellion to skip over Coke and Pepsi.  Suddenly People actually started to take RC seriously, and they were expanding their share of the cola markets.  Both Pepsi and Coke drinkers were seen with cans of refreshing RC in their hands.    With a new number three making excellent strides in the market place, what were Pepsi and Coke to do?  

They started a fake war with each other.  They launched the Pepsi/Coke Taste Challenge.  Everyone had a preference (some still do)  Something very few people ever talked about became a decision we were asked to make.  Which do you prefer.. Coke or Pepsi.  If we were all thinking about that we completely forgot about RC.  Whenever Pepsi or Coke started to lose the edge… New Coke, Classic Coke, … You see what I mean.  Whenever Coke got boring they hardforked it. 

This isn’t a new game.  

I bring you Bitcoin that was quickly losing ground to the Alt Markets, especially ETH.  (RC Cola)  A series of hardforks were born.  Nobody can consider the alts if we are all busy picking Bitcoins and gathering free tokens.  🙂  I heard today that Bitcoin Cash has a Hardfork coming in January.


*I can’t prove any of this happened in this manner nor am I sure any of the Bitcoin Billionaires seem good enough at Marketing to consider this, but it was a fun comparison.


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