What is Rainbow Currency?

Before I dive into what is Rainbow Currency. I just want to emphasize, SOMETHING HUGE IS COMING!

If you missed the bitcoin rocket, here is your chance, here is another rocket waiting to take off Monday November 6th 2017.

So back to the question, What Is Rainbow Currency?

It is one of the fastest growing ICO and cryptocurrency on the planet. Within less than 72 hours, more than 10 billion coins have been ordered, exceeding US$10,000,000 in value. Those lucky enough to get an exclusive invitation were able to get each coin at a super discounted rate pre ICO but now that boat has sailed.


November 6th

Fortunately for you and millions of others eagerly waiting to get their piece of the pie, Rainbow Currency’s first day of Public ICO starts Monday November 6th 2017. You better act fast there will only be $300,000,000 coins available at $0.002 per coin which is at a 80% Discount.

November 7th

Rainbow Currency is offering 400,000,000 coins at US$0.003 per coin (70% discount)

November 9th

Rainbow Currency is offering 500,000,000 coin at US$0.004 per coin (60% discount)

November 10th

Rainbow Currency is offering 600,000,000 coins at US$0.005 per coin (50% discount)

November 11th

Rainbow Currency is offering 700,000,000 coins at US$0.006 per coin (40% discount)

November 12th

Rainbow Currency is offering 800,000,000 coins at US$0.007 per coin (30% discount)3

November 13th

Rainbow Currency is offering 900,000,000 coins at US$0.008 per coin (20% discount)

November 14th

Rainbow Currency is offering 1,000,000,000 coins at US$0.009 per coin (10% discount)

November 15th

ICO has ended. Control over currency is transferred to a non profit organization

November 16th

Rainbow Currency is listed and traded at the first cryptocurrency exchange.

With all this excitement, Rainbow Currency is not bigger than bitcoin but it’s the next biggest thing to it and with the growth it is experiencing you just never know it could hit the moon sooner than you think!

Why I bought into Rainbow Currency?

I bought into Rainbow Currency because of the team behind it, the leadership is impeccable and the vision is clear.

I am pretty sure you can relate to this, I have missed out on some of the biggest opportunities of a life time, along with the bitcoin boom and now its time to put our feet down and own it. 

Millions will miss out on this opportunity but the ones who take a foothold of this behemoth, SKIES THE LIMIT!

Just imagine the quality of life you can create for your family, drive the cars you’ve only dreamed of and not worrying about asking for vacation time, what the hell is vacation time? You should be able to take a vacation anytime you want! Imagine the possibilities.

Or you could continue to live in quite desperation or make a decisive decision and say F**K IT! I CAN’T LET THIS BOAT SAIL WITHOUT ME!


Keep this in 

Here’s a story of a group of highly talented individual’s who had an Idea to disrupt and revolutionize the industry. These individuals put there minds together to turn an idea to reality. This group then offered a handful of individuals to invest in the idea so they can further the process. Those who declined that offer have regretted this for the rest of their lives because that company is known today as GOOGLE!


As crazy and ridiculous this sounds, here is a disclaimer to keep in mind, this is still a gamble, only gamble what you can afford to lose. The market can go up and the market can go down, in other words you could win big and make a FORTUNE but you could also lose big and go back to NORMAL.




Steps to register:

  1. Request for invite code by commenting below (each code is a one time use) If the code is invalid then request for another one, chances are I gave it to another since it was not used at a timely matter.
  2. Register at and enter your invite code.
  3. Simply reply below that you have completed step 2, then I will give you step 3.
  4. Additional: If you would like an invite to our community support group simply request in the comments 

Bitcoin, Ether and bankwire will be utilize to order Rainbow Currency. With overwhelming request, the limit of coins for sale today will be sold out sooner that 24 Hours

UPDATED NEWS November 14th:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The success of our ICO is overwhelming. We have to say sorry for slow website loading due to up to 15 signups and orders per minute. We have to say sorry for slow payment processing and crediting due to thousands of payments received.
We know that many of you are waiting for the chance to place follow-up orders, and we know that you want to have more time to promote this once-in-a-lifetime event. Thus, we have decided to grant you 24 extra hours at the rate of US$0.007 (30% discount).
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