HydroMiner – Eco-friendly and profitable mining

The HydroMiner platform is a cryptocurrency company that uses “live” energy, obtained from water, as one of the most accessible sources. 

The main advantages of hydropower engineering is that it is clean from an ecological point of view and very profitable, since it almost does not require investments. At the moment, the cost of the described energy is 85% lower, compared to the average European prices. In turn, HydroMiner launches more and more large-scale cryptosystems. HydroMiner is also loyal to the mining pools it uses, depending on payments and liquidity among other factors. The geographical focus of the platform is Austria (Lower Austria) and South Germany.

Thanks to hydroelectric power plants in the Alpine region, HydroMiner achieves an affordable price in Europe per kilogram of watt. In fact, the cost of energy is lower by 85% than the average price in Europe. In addition, the company expects the use of water to cool the mining equipment subsequent savings.

Thus, HydroMiner is the process of implementing the newly created cryptocurrency and checking transactions. Thanks to proprietary water-cooled solutions, the platform is able to record a lower temperature with a very high density, which is critical for the maximum possible production in a small limited space available in hydroelectric power plants. HydroMiner operates in the Austrian Alps.

It should be noted that the preliminary sale of the tokens lasted 36 minutes – for this record time, all the tokens were sold during the pre-sale. ICO started on October 18, 2017 and ends on November 15, 2017 at 10 o’clock. ICO will be implemented on the ETH system. Also, an H2O platform token is released in this system, which corresponds to the ERC20 standard.

Thus, HydroMiner carries out the mining of cryptocurrency, which is based on the renewable energy of hydroelectric power plants. It is very important for HydroMiner that most of the energy produced is extracted from natural resources. The company aims to reduce carbon emissions to a minimum. Hydropower is a renewable source of energy, the most affordable and efficient. Hydropower enables balanced management of resources and supports production with emissions below the average. In addition, the technology is simple, manageable and has an excellent reputation.



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