How much risk is involved with bitcoin?

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Hi, Today i will tell you some risk about bitcoin. its growing day by day and now all peoples are known about bitcoin who is touched with internet. Such peoples are making money from bitcoin. in other side you see some peoples are loosing money because they are newbie or Or they do not keep knowledge about bitcoin how to trade properly.

Off course Everyone will have to lose something to learn. So lets talk about the how much invest risk is attached.

(1) Unpredictability : None can say what will go tomorrow bitcoin such type of word. You can see today price was 1 hour ago 5500 dollar after some hours you will see price is 6500 dollar.

On the other side, suppose you bought 1 bitcoin 6500 dollar but after some times may go back 5500 dollar this bounce is so much misery for everyone. its the main risk of bitcoin. Stay with us on facebook

but if you are good trader then easily you will be able to recover but before trading for a newbie learn more. how to trade bitcoin.

(2) Bitcoin exchange Hack : In past year many bitcoin website exchanger was attacked by the hacker. They had stolen thousands of bitcoins. Bitcoin Users were looking haha There was nothing to do.

Some of the bitcoin website exchanger paid half of money to their users .

One more question is very important to us

Should we invest in bitcoin?

My personal opinion is :

Today bitcoin price is over more 6500$. If you have extra reserved money then you can try but before trading bitcoin try to learn in demo or see the daily update in exchange so may know something how is going so far. You have to use stop lose option in exchange

but if you have not any reserved money If needed, you can buy altcoin.

Some good altcoins are ethereum, ethereum classic, neo etc

for ethereum classic when price is fall under 10 dollar buy as much as possible and sell it 13 or 14 or 15 dollar.

in last month neo price was 15 dollar . for neo when price is dropped under 20 dollar buy more and hole for atleast 15 days .

For ethereum is risky to trade now Price may increase. May fall again।

i hope may help yo from my article.

my advice is for newbie: dont trade before learning. suppose if you want to trade on ethereum classic then you should learn how ethereum works in blockchain and how much ethereum have supplied coin.

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