The Future of Media


Gary Vaynerchuk

Tai Lopez

Logan Paul

Chance the Rapper

Ben Shapiro

What do all these people have in common?

They are the first leaders of the next digital movement.

Changing Medium

Less and less people are resorting to T.V. for entertainment and news. Our smartphones have become the largest medium in which we consume content.

This is like the shift from radio to television. Now its television to smartphone.

YouTube is T.V.

Medium is a newspaper.

Instagram is a magazine.

Social medias have stolen our attention away from CNN, New York Times, and other corporate content.

I do not have to wait for cable to put out a show that interests me. I just have to find the niche community on any social media that is already producing the content I want.

The transition will move from corporate media to individual brands.

Dominating Individual Brands

Logan Paul has created an audience of 12 million subscribers on YouTube. He created a reality TV show and a product line based on it.

Gary Vee is dominating social media marketing. Making himself apparent on all mediums of social media.

Chance the Rapper is producing music under his own management. Got rid of the record label.

We are going to be subscribing to individuals, rather than themes like National Geographic or ESPN. No longer a random stream of content based on viewership and ratings; people will watch the content they choose.

Individuals are content creators.

Brands will revolve around those individuals.

People will buy the brands.

Brands are monetized content. Logan Paul has a clothing brand. Many Twitter accounts have books or paid internet content. Tai Lopez sells seminars.

How to Win

There is two ways to win this new gold rush: content or platform.


Winners at content creation understand what their niche wants. They provide value to their audiences consistently. New content on the daily. Audiences that constantly consume and share. Organic growth through the word of mouth.

You can either dominate across the board on all socials like Logan Paul and Gary V or you can dominate just one media like AJA_Cortes on Twitter.

The key is to provide value whether it is entertainment, business, or self-help. It will attract a certain niche audience. Logan Paul provides entertainment to middle school and high school aged children, Gary V is the face of entrepreneurs, and Alexander is your mental and physical personal trainer.

Attention is valuable in the space. It is a competition for screen time.


Winners at platform understand how users want to share their content. Facebook, Twitter, Medium, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Content is relatively the same across all socials, they are just slightly different in how it is presented.

Create a platform that offers a different and valuable medium for people to share content. YouTube and Instagram make it easy to discover new content. SnapChat and Facebook make content more personal and catered.

A great platform has discovery and easy consumption.

Instagram dominates SnapChat because of discovery.

YouTube dominates Periscope because of easy consumption.

Platform provides the means of sharing content → People create content and value → Platform directs consumers to that content → Creators interact with their community.

There is no platform without content and no content without platform.

There are many niche communities that are forgotten from popular culture and mainstream content. Not everyone watches Jake Paul.

The market may not be big enough to provide great content to small communities. To provide value to them, managing different niches under the same management can allow that.

Some people subscribe to fitness, gaming, or local rappers.’s goal is to capture all these niches under one management.

We launched our incubator for content creation and brands.

We are currently focusing on two communities, self-improvement and gaming/entertainment.

Check out our site at

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