Five tips to help you go above and beyond on Instagram!

“Now that’s what we call a snack!” Snackforgrid’s five tips to help you go above and beyond on Instagram!

Snack’s advise N1: Simple image = powerful message

Instagram is a mobile-first platform on which users spend little time per image. Your message must be visual, sharp and digestible in half a second. Legible and clean, simplicity is the key here.

Snack’s advice N2: Respecting rules of composition and framing

It’s important to work your images with a professional eye. Think of how you can draw emphasis to your message by playing around with the image composition. Focus on geometrical framing and simple composition.

Just by plunging into an image from above, you can often completely change they way you get your message across.

If you want to know more about this technique click here.

© Geometric Shots/Le Cinquième Élément

Snack’s advise N3: Colors people… Come on!

Texture and tone help bring a bit complexity to your image without necessarily shrouding the composition. The classic example here being the standard cup of coffee on your average wooden table.

Snack’s advice N4: For any of you brands out there, leave your language at the door

We cannot insist enough on this point but keep “salesy” language off this platform! The main mistakes brands make on Instagram revolve around being to pushy or transparent with a product they are offering. Your product posts must be subtle, suggestive, and artistic. The ability to stage a clever “mise en scene” with their images can truly determine the success or failure of a brand on Instagram.

Snack’s advice N5: Spruce up your grid. “How exactly?”

A grid is what constitutes the general overview of you image flow on Instagram. Getting your grid to look attractive is really half the battle when trying to grow your follower base.

The idea here is to find a visually unifying element within your Instagram editorial, that will help you see your images not as individual snaps but as a collective unit.

For those of you how aren’t already on photoshop, there are also a number of apps that will guide you through your grid management.

Click here for an example

If you don’t know Chromalin (picture below), check his account, he has one of the best grid!


If you follow these simple 5 steps, then next time someone catches a peak of your grid they’ll be like:

“Now that’s what call a snack!”

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