The new EBIT currency, Get free token!


Have you heard of the new currency EBIT is a new ERC20 smart contract token? the EBIT currency is in the initial development, which has a lot of support and potential. The amount of coins is 21,000,000!

Do not overlook this lucrative coin that will only grow in the coming days!

Buy a pair of coins and keep them for 1 month or a lot longer!


October 12th Website will go live

October 20th-25th Donation tokens will be distributed

October 23rd-25th Will list eBit to an exchange

October 26th-30th 1st Airdrop & 1st payment bounties

November 1st-10th Will list eBit to more exchange (s)

November 11th-20th Optional 2nd Airdrop

November 21st-30th Optional 3rd Airdrop

December 2017 to March 2018 Optional 4th to 25th Airdrop


50% Off the tokens will be distributed in one or more airdrops as long as you keep the tokens in your wallet you will be able to participate in future airdrops as well. In other words of you sell or transfer your tokens you will not participate in future airdrops! After the airdrop we will list eBIT to the exchanges. In order to be listed on exchange we kindly ask you to send us a donation. There will be minimum 1 airdrop and max 25 airdrops we do this to reduce the risk of dumping.


In order to get eBIT on good quality exchanges please send your donations. Every donation off 0.1 ETH or more will be rewarded with 10,000 eBITs. You can send tokens as well, but only ETH will count!

The top 10 donations per ETH address will receive huge rewards:

1st – 1,000,000 eBIT

2nd – 500,000 eBIT

3rd – 250,000 eBIT

4th – 150,000 eBIT

5th – 100,000 eBIT

6th – 60,000 eBIT

7th – 50,000 eBIT

8th – 40,000 eBIT

9th – 30,000 eBIT

10th – 20,000 eBITs

Please send your ETH donations to:


Never send ETH directly from a exchange, always use a wallet.

You will receive your eBIT between 20th and 25th of October thats 5 days before Airdrop on the same address that you sent your ETH from!

Sent your ETH donations until Thurday 19th October 23:59 UTC to receive huge awards.

EBIT will be able to switch to EtherDelta later on as well as Cryptopia and Livecoin!

I believe the EBIT will fly to the moon! Do not miss out on free coins and make sure you become a milion!



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