Post 3: DRAFT

As technologies advances, we have very easy access to all kinds of useful and sometimes not so useful information. There are many great credible websites on the internet, and there are also not credible websites where it may give out false information or outdated information. Carefully choosing websites to choose from, I decided to analyze an article from the Atlantic, Making Up Is Hard to Do. This article was written by Conor Friedersdof, on October 7, 2016. Friedersdof was explaining in his article how the main reason to why America is so divided is by the psychological thought we all have, authoritarian psychology, and that we must realize that we will not be able to unite as one until we are able to accommodate one another. Supporting his evidence, he uses a research study done by Borislava Manojlovic about how the generation who started the war were more likely to tolerate one another than the following generation from the post-war. Friedersdof also refers to social psychologist, Karen Sternner and a political psychologist Jonathon Haidt. They both have published books and are credible sources to refer to.

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