Kingscrown, Your Royal Highness – Interviewing The King, Lord of SteemIt (& Beer)

About 2 weeks ago, @Kingscrown magically appeared in “The Unmentionables” discord server.

Many members were shocked – what was a high roller whale doing in our small little server? Was it really him? People had so many questions and were in complete awe.

I decided to reach out, introduce myself, and ask if he’d be interested in doing a quick interview with me – which he politely agreed to.

So, I present to you, The Lord of Steemit – @Kingscrown!

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@FATPANDADESIGN- “So…Your name is Kingscrown? Why on earth did you pick the name? Is there a special or hidden meaning to it?”

@KINGSCROWN – “What makes the king is .. a crown. So I was thinking this is more important than the person himself. So the nick means I can be the one (thing) to make somebody a king.”
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@FATPANDADESIGN – “What exactly do you do on SteemIt, other than take over my Trending/Hot news feed haha?!?”

@KINGSCROWN – “I like to curate and read stuff. Topics of my interests are – movies, coffee, cryptocurrency, and pictures. I love movie reviews, posts about coffee shops or latte art or nice pictures. This stuff I try to upvote.”
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@FATPANDADESIGN – “Time to get a little personal – Let’s say you woke up one day and were dead broke, your friends and family abandoned you and you had no credit (and no crypto wallets stashed away, cheater) – what’s your next move?”

@KINGSCROWN – “I would find money for beer. It calms me down and lets me think straight.”,86,2000,750/x/1651384/image.png
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@FATPANDADESIGN – “How long have you been on SteemIt? How about in business? Where do you see yourself a year from now? Be descriptive, my readers love a good story! The crazier, the better!”

@KINGSCROWN – “I think I’m on SteemIt since May 2016 so close to launch (minus 2 months). I’m into crypto since 2010 but for real since 2013. I hope all coins that I hold will pump, STEEM on the list too and I will stay relaxed forever about money.”*b6VWUdRAVLZQ7gVQS_qRIw.jpeg
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@FATPANDADESIGN – “Personal time again! What is the absolute craziest thing you’ve ever done in your life, legal or illegal?”

@KINGSCROWN – “I have no idea, I used to be very crazy, now I’m very calm. Maybe to keep on my niche, the craziest was, to not buy into ETH ICO. I’ve skipped it fully.”
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@FATPANDADESIGN – “If you could commit any fucking crime and get away with it without any repercussions, what would it be and why? Tell us a funny story!”

@KINGSCROWN – “I would kill all people who flag me on Steemit! Which is not many at all…”
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@FATPANDADESIGN- “What’s your favorite activity outside of SteemIt? Do you have any special hobbies or talents you’d like to share, or that you’re particularly proud of?”

@KINGSCROWN – “Drinking craft beer, watching movies, eating new food. I do all of this daily. I believe it’s healthy.”
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@FATPANDADESIGN- “Last question – what are some current projects that you’re working on related to SteemIt or crypto? What projects have you done in the past that you’re most proud of” Feel free to share as many as you want, and links to each!”

@KINGSCROWN – “I do blog about cryptos since 4 years where you can get unique info (esp when you subscribe on email) and I help many coins/ICOs with promotion. I’m a marketing guy.”



I want to thank you for your time, @Kingscrown – while it was short, it surely was sweet and quite entertaining. I especially liked the part where you’d kill all who’d dare to flag the king’s posts hahahah.

Thanks for joining me, and I’m sure my readers will get a kick out of this – plus, a better understanding of who you really are – just a human being that enjoys life. Not just some rich Steemian as most perceive. You’re one cool dude – stay classy.


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