Amplifier the Voice of the Youth

by MJ Mayores

Social media is undeniably powerful in today’s world. With lots of apps invented, websites that people can visit and other ways in order for people to communicate through the use of media, it is really the age where social media has a big impact in our lives. It has also become the medium for news and information dissemination, and a tool to start an intelligent discussion on various issues.

The advancement of technology have made the world a much smaller place with just a click on the mouse or the swipe of a finger on a smart gadget’s screen, an individual can now share information to other people and gather data by just entering the keyword to Google or Yahoo. Also, they can get an up to date information about the things that are happening not only locally but also globally. It is not surprising that traditional media such as television and radio are now dominated by social media, with the latter now becoming a widely-known source of content for news.

In the Philippines, studies show that almost 80% of Filipinos are an active user of social media and considered to be one of the world’s top uploaders of photos and videos. Luckily, a growing number of Filipino Netizen such as those who are using Facebook are not just using the aforementioned social networking site to upload selfies, but also to give thoughts on different subjects, particularly politics and other trending issues online.

According to the co-founder & CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, “By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent”. Truly, we can say that social networking sites such as Facebook has given people especially the youth the power to speak their minds and let others know about their ideas or opinion easily by sharing or posting it on their accounts. The voice of the youth is amplified nowadays because social media has given them greater chance and a larger avenue to let their voices be heard.

All social networking sites can be considered as a very powerful medium because it can be an amazing tool to communicate with people and share stories, but if it is not used for the right reasons, it can create conflict and misunderstanding. Each individual should learn how to utilize it and be a responsible user by always thinking first before sharing or posting any information to a lot of people.



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