Authenticity: The Secret Sauce for Personal Branding

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For those blessed enough to be present in this very moment, you are truly one of a kind. Your smile, your laugh, your thought process are all gifts inherited at birth which are magnificently unique. All of these personal traits whether they be physical, mental, social or spiritual make up how you are perceived in the world.

When it comes to promoting your personal brand you want to attract others to what you have to offer, be it your knowledge, product, or written content. The greatest way to achieve this is by being authentic. Putting it simply, JUST BE YOU. Be you in all your wonder and flaws, your triumphs and failures, your beauty and scars. This is what attracts others to follow and appreciate you, your transparency. Like the Instagram fitness model who shows her cellulite to show women all over the world that beauty is in our imperfections, not our pursuit of perfection.

There is something magnetic about hearing your favorite celebrities, mentors, or whoever shine light on the good and the ugly of their personal journeys. The actor who goes from sleeping on a bare floor in an empty apartment to one day accepting a prestigious award for his acting, shares a story of tragically beautiful perseverance. Showing that pain is inevitable, that failure is common, and that if you just keep going the clouds will open and your light will shine through one day. Showing how fear is always present and can be used as a weapon for positive change, this is what captures people’s souls.

I recently took a course titled Business Communication, where we learned about stage presence and how to truly connect to our audiences. The greatest lesson I took from the class was being authentic is the easiest way to connect with your audience and have them clinging on every word you have to say. The hardest part is opening yourself up to become transparent, to show that your personal successes are not without failure, pain, and/or temporary insanity. In a world where many set out to be the most perfect image of themselves, we need authenticity more than ever.

Be yourself and your personal brand will reap the benefits. Society loves to connect with people who endure the same emotions and experiences, it makes them feel closer to you not as a brand, but as a beautiful human being.

So if you fail, share it! If you succeed in the face of daunting challenges, post it! Show the world who you are and how you see the world through your lens. I guarantee there are others out there who will appreciate your transparency and authenticity.


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