Social Media Marketing: 9 Content Ideas for Your Posts

Thinking of content for social media marketing can be a challenge sometimes. To help you out, here are some fun content ideas that you can use on your social media marketing strategy.

Content on social media marketing is important

We all have days where it feels like posting social is just very hard. But we’re solving that problem now, as we offer you several fun ideas that can better your rusty engines to get your social media marketing strategy content ideas running at full speed once again.

1. Morning news

Your target audience reach for their phones and check their social media networks for the latest on their family, friends and even celebrities. Get into this morning ritual by offering your users a daily update of their top news that rocked your industry today. You don’t have to make your own content; just use links to credible sources.

2. Sneak peak

We love gossip, no matter how we deny. Feed that voyeuristic tendencies in your users and give them something that they usually don’t get to see: life behind the scenes. Post pictures of your office party or a video of fun at work to step up conversation levels with insider peeks. Fans become more involved and more curious, bringing them a little closer to your brand.

3. Discount coupons

A content or quiz is an instant hit in the social media popularity stakes. But take the fun up a notch by offering QR codes with coupons embedded in them. A simple QR code generator is all you need to make a QR code from scratch and post it in social media. Get your graphics guy to design the coolest image around your QR code so it will stand out in a timeline or social feed.

4. Employee of the week

If your employees feel a little under appreciated, give them a chance at fame by featuring their awesome work on social media. Create an ‘Employee of the Week’ contest tradition where the best employee across departments will be featured across all your social media sites, aside from getting a prize. This keeps an employee’s morale while introducing them to your stakeholders.

5. Industry memes

With some repackaging, humor and design, you can come up with jokes or memes about the latest happenings around you. If you’re a B2B brand, focus more on your own industry before you decide what meme to use on what product. B2B brands can play it much looser and place memes that are amusing but not always related to the product. For more information about social media marketing go to

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