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If you are used to seeing your Facebook events (or perhaps friends’ birthdays) in your iPhone or iPad calendar and updated that device to iOS 11, you may have noticed that the calendar is no longer getting updated with your new Facebook events. The Show Calendars list in your iOS calendar may still show an entry for Facebook Events and events you added on Facebook (as interested in or attending) before upgrading to iOS 11 may appear in your iOS calendar, but changes since the iOS upgrade will be missing. This is related to changes Apple made with iOS 11. Here’s how to add your Facebook events (and birthdays) to your iOS calendars to keep them synching.

(There are three sections below. You will want to scan each one quickly to decide which method is best for you.)

(1) One iPhone or iPad at a time

To add your Facebook events to a single device’s calendar (see below for a more general option):

On your iOS device (iPhone, iPad), use the Safari mobile browser to visit your Facebook events page, (Note that on an iPhone, Facebook will probably redirect you to the mobile version of that page, with an address starting with… In that case, you will need to force it to give you the desktop version of that page by using the exact address above.)

Once on that page, scroll down and find in the right-hand column the box with these instructions:

You can then tap the Upcoming Events link and you will be prompted to subscribe to that calendar. Tap Subscribe at the prompt and you should get the confirmation “The Calendar _____ Facebook Events has been added”. You can repeat this for the Birthdays calendar. If you then check your Calendar app and view your “Show Calendars” list, you will find the Facebook Events and/or Birthdays calendars under the Subscribed section. You can turn these calendar off or on, as for other calendars.

(If you ever want to remove a subscribed calendar from your iOS calendar, use the Settings app and go to Accounts & Passwords > Subscribed Calendars.)

(2) Mac and one or more iPhone(s) and/or iPad(s)

Now if you have a Mac and want to add the Facebook Events or Birthdays calendar to your Mac calendar and to your iOS device(s) in a single operation, visit your Facebook events page on your favorite browser on your Mac, scroll down to this box in the right-hand column:

Clicking on the Upcoming Events link will prompt you to open the link in your default calendar app:

Click Allow. The next step will depend on your default calendar app: if it is the macOS Calendar app, you will see:

Click Subscribe. You can then control the settings for this calendar:

This is where the magic happens! Set the Location to be iCloud and the Facebook Events calendar will appear on any iOS device that is logged in to your iCloud account. In your iOS “Show calendars” list, it will appear in the iCloud section.

You can then return to the Facebook events page in your browser and repeat the process for the Birthdays calendar, if you want.

(3) Via Google Calendar

If you use Google calendar as your main calendar, you can add the Facebook events calendar to it as a subscription. Google calendar refers to this as Add by URL. See detailed instructions on subscribing to a calendar in Google calendar. You can get the address (URL) for the Facebook events calendar from your Facebook events page, as above, by first copying the address:

and then pasting it in the appropriate field on the Google calendar Add by URL page:

Once the Facebook calendar is added to your Google calendar, to see it on your iOS devices, set up Google Sync with iOS Calendar.

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