Facebook combines Ads Manager and Power Editor into a new Tool

Screenshot from Facebook Business:

The updated Facebook Ads Manager exciting features and more:

  1. Choice of ad campaign workflow
  2. Auto-saving draft & progress
  3. Single source of reports
Quick Creation of Campaign

Choice of ad campaign workflow

The updated Ads Manager will enable Advertisers and Facebook Marketers to use their preferred workflow so whether you prefer the quick Ads creation of Power Editor or the guided Ads creation of the Ads Manager, Facebook Advertisers and Marketers will automatically be opted in to their preferred Workflow.

Choose your preferred campaign workflow.
What’s your marketing objective?

Auto-saving draft & progress

If also features an Automatic draft saving. This means that Facebook will automatically save your progress such as creating Campaign, Ads Sets and your entire Ad Creation Process. Consider it as Auto-Saving your progress.

Single source of reports

Another addition is the single source for reports so you don’t have to navigate and switch from Power Editor and Ads Manager. Your reports all in one source!

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