UTRUST Revolutionary Payment Platform

UTRUST is a revolutionary payment platform that allows buyers to use their primary key crypto to pay for sellers (personal or merchant)

We provide sellers with security and convenience to receive funds in paper currency, and offer consumers the best consumer protection, by acting as a trusted mediator.

We combine the best payment protection features of the current generation fiat system with innovative features from blockchain and blend unique features provided by our own token.

UTRUST started with a simple spontaneous idea, born out of frustration when using the current way of cryptocurrency payments and our desire to build a better platform.

condensing the original concept into the presentation, we are constantly contacting interested partners and building our team in an organized manner.

Throughout this journey, we have found a great partner and mentor have a commitment and passion to work together in realizing our vision and perfecting our proposal for the market. As we drive toward the ICO stage, we thank all those who support us and hope to exceed the expectations of the people in the future.

The UTRUST Platform aims to give buyers consumer protection gained in traditional online purchases, act as mediators, resolve conflicts, enable possible refunds to reduce fraud, while protecting traders from crypto market volatility We want to build the best cryptocurrency features, enable transaction speed, cost lower, and low cross-border transaction friction, which allows traders to sell the growing audience of cryptocurrency holders around the world.

In short, we aim to build a payment API for market integration that will be cryptocurrency in order to compete with PayPal.


We believe that one of the leading roles of cryptocurrency in the digital age is to facilitate transactions and function as a method of payment without problems and secure with wide acceptance

We believe that the current payment platform lacks the features necessary to drive merchants and widespread user adoption; That digital tokens is more than an asset for financial speculation and that token ICOs can be used to fund agile teams with the drive to build new platforms; Platforms with real value, driven by growth in goods and services transactions, and financially supported by revenue from reasonable costs.


Regardless of the disruption and technological advances in blockchain, an area that remains largely untapped is digital payments between buyers and sellers of physical services. This is a bigger contest of industrial employee candidates, with more APIs and inheritance agreements with traditional financial institutions, banks and credit cards.

While benefiting from the payment of cryptocurrency (ultra low cost, low speed and low entry limit), buyers enjoy and have come to expect a strong consumer protection system that protects their purchases and provides refunds.

Sellers on the other hand would love to get more revenue but be wary of volatility issues by accepting cryptocurrency.

Would not it be amazing if we could have the best of both worlds? This is the dilemma of mutual trust we want to accomplish with the UTRUST Platform.


Our goal is to build the next payment gateway that allows buyers to use their favorite cryptocurrency to buy goods and services with confidence from merchants, incorporating consumer protection and a resilient PayPal dispute resolution scheme.

We aim to encourage API adoption by traders by giving them a way to receive directly in paper currency from buyer cryptocurrency, protecting traders from market volatility and reducing the risk of receiving cryptocurrenc

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