Hello World! (Pathetic I know)

Hello there!

I am Diego, from Rieti (nice small town near Rome), living in Germany (I know it’s sad), willing to move to Portugal (beautiful sea and small taxes!), sarcastic, sometimes irritating, sometimes irritated, always willing to learn, to earn and to move forward.

I am a Software Developer with over 11 years of experience, specialised in Javascript development and I am willing to use Steem as my preferred blogging platform, since I believe the idea behind it is great and it has quite huge earning potentials.

So here is why I am presenting myself!

I would love to know which topics the Steem community will like the most.

This is what I am capable of blogging about:

– Blogging about programming in general. New interesting frameworks/libraries, trends, etc.

– Blogging about specific programming topics, like Javascript development short tuts for Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced readers.

– Blogging in general about mind-blowing technologies: AI, IoT, Blockchain and more.

– Blogging about Artificial Intelligence for Web Developers, like “How to integrate IBM Watson in a web app”, “How to create a chatbot with”, “Sentiment Analysis in Javascript”..etc. (this is the topic I like the most).

So which topic from the above you will likely enjoy the most? Or do you have anything else in mind?

Thanks for reading!
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