Evaporative Air Cooler for your workplace or home

No mater a traditional air condition or a new evaporative air cooler, they both can cool your space. However, the evaporative air cooler would be a best choice to lower cost, save energy and create green life. Evaporative air cooler is operated only by water and electricity according to the working principle of evaporation and electric power to create 100% cold airflow, while the air condition uses the refrigerated cooling systems which will need more energy and release harmful freon. Besides, you will not be afraid the dry environment affected by the coolers because of the humidity control system and the open space usage.

Evaporative air cooler includes industrial series, commercial portable series and household portable series. You can choose the right one according to your requirement and environment.

Industrial series wall mounted and roof mounted evaporative air cooler is very efficient in textile, printing and dyeing, plastics, steel, machinery, ceramics, chemical industry, metallurgy, glass, metal, leather, electronics, footwear, clothing, packaging food processing and other industrial plants workshop. What’s more, it is also suitable for public places, such as kitchen markets, large-scale entertainment centers, underground parking areas and stations.

Commercial series portable evaporative air cooler is very convenient in hospitals, hotels, stadiums, exhibition halls, schools, waiting rooms, supermarkets, laundry rooms and etc.

Household series portable evaporative air cooler is very suitable for home.

There are many evaporative air cooler manufacturer to choose. Xikoo is one of the most professional evaporative cooler supplier with more than 10 years experience. It uses the first-class spare parts, which can keep a long working lifetime. It is very strict with the whole production process, from R&D, Design, Mold Making, Injection Molding to Assembling, Quality Control. It not only provides high quality products, but also offer technical support and after sales service in time.

To be a top evaporative cooler manufacturer in China, Xikoo also develops new type evaporative air cooler every year to satisfy the HVAC market demand. It also has more than 5 years experience in OEM&ODM service. All products are in factory price. You can contact for the most suitable cooling solution and more information.

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