Digital Etiquette

  • Are you active on the INTERNET? Сannot imagine your life without SOCIAL MEDIA?…Probably YES!

The level of technology involvement in our daily lives is overwhelming. Internet is a sea of data and information where people, especially students, spend lots of time. It is highly beneficial for the personal, social, and economic development with knowledge of digital etiquette.

As a frequent Instagram user, I would like to focus on the appropriate and inappropriate ways to behave and treat one another on that social media network.

Instagram is about sharing a personal or professional story. It gives a voice to businesses and creative people. Currently, there are around 250 million daily active Instagram users! (

It provides an opportunity to create your own posts, repost others and comment on them, mention and tag people, give them credit, use hashtags, and message privately or as a group. All those actions share some common appropriate behaviours.

Internet is NOT an anonymous environment as ones might think resulting in dropping normal standards. It is important to remember that there are other people in the online world and they deserve RESPECT!

[ Every internet user needs to be cautious about what gets shared ]

As a general rule- consider your audience, respect other people’s feelings and privacy, use good spelling, grammar, and punctuation without plagiarizing! I would also suggest avoiding too much humor, sarcasm, and slang.

For commenting, reply to the comments left by others on your posts in a thoughtful manner and do not respond to people’s posts or comments with anger.

For reposting images, it is highly inappropriate to repost someone`s image without permission or credit. Give credit by both- mentioning and tagging. Furthermore, try to keep the original look of the image without extra filters.

Use tags and hashtags to increase the engagement for your or someone else`s post but only if the content is relevant and appropriate. It is good to know that at least one hashtag results in 12.6% more engagement! (

For businesses, it is unprofessional to ask people to follow them and use hashtags like #followme, #followforfollow, #tagsforlikes. Instead of those hashtags, others like #business, #socialmedia, #trust or #success are more appropriate. It is also unprofessional to make posts that are not relevant to the main topic; frequently, those are selfies or family photos.

Be an intelligent Internet user and follow rules for acceptable online behaviour!

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