Dear Jamie Dimon,

I don’t know you, but i love you already.

Declaring Bitcoin a fraud, coming from you must be one of the best positive flag for the crypto world. Given the history of JP Morgan and involvement in multiple financial meltdowns which would make Bitcoin looks like a rock solid ship in comparison, i have to say that you just gave me even more reasons to believe in the future of Bitcoin. A warning would have been understandable, but boy a Fraud?

By the way i have a little question: why is your company adopting Zcash a comparable crytpo to Bitcoin. If you don’t like the space that much. Fine. But just back off. Either you did not know: oops. Or your just have found the perfect backup pitch to explain your customers why they should not invest in Crypto? Or you secretly believed you, as CEO of one of the most important banks, could create the perfect opportunity to buy during a dip? Or you just had too much Red Bull.

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Now, if you really plan to fire any of your employees trading Bitcoin: please make sure to send them my way. I, for one, will be interested in hiring them and know lots of people who will be too.

But i understand, you are worried, very worried. You know something is coming. Horse farmers ignored cars at first and fax makers laughed at emails at first. Maybe you just don’t get it. There are few good youtube tutorials on the matter. Maybe allocate your time to less white-glove fraud engineering in of old world and embrace the new world?

Since it seems really hard for you to get it, i even went a step ahead and got you for free your first Bitcoin Wallet

Here is your special Jamie Dimon Bitcoin wallet public Key bitcoin:1Axe2f3ZqUS13MUoCbEvinoJnRDg4DbkkJ

Just tell me where to send you your private key. I already deposited a modest contribution in BTC so you can start watching your profit grow. I guess, in proportion it will grow faster than JP Morgan profits.

special message to readers: anyone wanted to make a special donation to Jamie is welcome to do so. I promise i will forward him the wallet.

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