Advance Information: Ethical Foundations in Steemit + Tips.

Hello friends of steemit, I’m glad to return with this series of informational advances created by me, to improve the experience of new users and make an important contribution for the Hispanic community to prevail with its quality of content over time and not only that these new users learn and guide others.

I take this subject into consideration so that they know a little about the values undertaken in Steemit and to know a little more about professional ethics to the best of my knowledge.

What can we understand by ethics?

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the rational study of morality, virtue, duty, happiness and good living. Ethics studies that it is moral, as a moral system is rationally justified, and how it is to be applied subsequently at the individual level and at the social level. In everyday life it is a reflection on the moral fact, it looks for the reasons that justify the use of a moral system or another.

Ethics applied in any medium or branch and according to studies its origin goes back to the times of ancient Greece, which at that time turned out to be the most advanced western culture of its time with a lot of political and cultural principles. Today is considered as a subject of study that applies the good living together of a group of people living in the same environment.

Steemit on a professional level.

For example in Steemit for being a medium widely professional and varied information is handled a very evident ethics that pretends or entails to the kindness and the good treatment among the users that coexist here, where first that everything is handled the good spelling, the language appropriate and without bad words or negative words, happy words and remarkable happiness among its users.

Ethics embraces wide professional fields and among these professional fields this Steemit and the main ethical foundations in steemit are:

– Outlining the good use of language and the improvement of Spanish language.

– It fosters a healthy coexistence among all users in the community.

– Mutual respect among users for different ways of thinking.

– Professional environment of informative nature and of diffusion of material of quality without entrance for interests of own benefit or carnal interests.

– Disclosure of stupid or for-profit material is not handled.

– Extensive cooperation throughout the community.

– It encourages creativity without plagiarism.

– The high quality of broadcast material or the high creativity of publications are valued which motivates you to move forward and makes it a very healthy activity for the mind.

After talking a little about Professional Ethics, I want to confirm the success of this informative advance for me, which will engineer me with the best wishes for everyone in this beautiful social network and once again thanks for the support received to this series of advances that go hand in hand with the community.

I want to clarify something, and is that life is a trial and error of mistakes we learn and we will have bad experiences or good experiences but never falter do not surrender until you reach your dreams and continue to comply with steemit that together we will have a great future in this nickname by me as a “fabulous social network”

Have a good night, friends.


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