Try It. You’ll Love It; Health-Food Trends on Social (Back to Basic)

Studies show the average person spends about 2–3 hours on social media every day. That’s a TON of time to be impacted and influenced by what we scroll through, and it’s easy to be wowed by a sexy post of trendy health-foods (or drinks) based on celebrity endorsement or overwhelming popularity. We’ve gotten so used to seeing some of these that they’re beginning to create a sense of normalcy. Here’s a look at some of the top health trends on social media — which ones are actually nutritious, and which to be wary of.

  1. Bowls. Acai bowls, smoothie bowls, Buddha bowls, poke bowls… ya’ll know what I’m talking about. This health trend is sweeping the nation and its easy see why! They say it’s best to taste the rainbow, and smoothie bowls often incorporate a lot of nutrient-packed greens, colorful fruits, and superfood supplements, making them a solid “feel-good” breakfast. Now i’m not usually one to follow fads, but these things are the Buddha bowls and poke bowls are a nice choice for lunch or dinner, packed with a variety of nutrients– either way, they’ll make for a sexy IG post.

One piece of advice: Don’t order the tuna bowl from a food truck. Be health-conscious, but be smart. Take it from me…not my finest moment.

  1. Super-drinks. From matcha lattes to bulletproof coffee, all eyes are on these newly popular “super-drinks” — advertised to give you energy, alleviate stress, boost immunity, and more. Many people are also starting to incorporate Ayurvedic herbs, like Ashwaganda, or blending collagen into lattes or smoothies for an extra healthy kick.

But before you run off to snag the next best from your favorite IG fitspo — You should be cautious with some of the other drinks trending on social media; “Fit teas” or “Flat tummy teas.” These claim they can help you shed pounds quickly, but only a well-balanced diet and exercise can do that (no BS).

3. Juice cleanses. Think twice. One of the biggest trends on social media is juice cleanses or detoxes. These can range from one-day cleanses to weeks-long, and are marketed to reset your digestive system and flush out toxins from your body. Sure, maybe it’s tempting. Maybe it sounds like the jump-start you need! Think again: many of these cleanses don’t provide enough of anything (ex. protein, calories, carbs) for your body to properly function. Getting “clean” can be done without sending your body into shock or starvation mode. Instead, opt for an effective clean-eats plan that works for you.

  1. Meal prep. Highly suggested. While scrolling through Instagram we see photos of perfectly portioned, delicious-looking, meals stacked together in Tupperware. We look at these with discouragement, as social makes us believe meal prep is a time-consuming art for the experienced health-guru/chef. Wrong! Anyone can meal prep anything, and I mean anything! (Surely you’ve seen the pizza-prep meme). All jokes aside, meal prep doesn’t have to be pretty, perfect, or even taste good for that matter. Not to mention, it’s a major time & dollar saver that sets you up for success. Start by spending Sunday afternoon prepping lunches (you don’t have to do all of your meals) for the next five days, and you’ll thank yourself as the week goes on. Check this out for some easy-prep eats!
  2. Avocados. That good fat. Undoubtedly one of the most trendy foods on social media, avocado toast has become a millennial and hipster staple — who am I to turn ’em down? Throw an egg and some bacon on there and I’m sold. The obsession is real. Ridiculously enough, there are people out there carving artwork and designs into the inside of avocados, and there’s even a restaurant in Brooklyn dedicated entirely to avocado dishes… Craziness aside, they’re a solid source of healthy fat your body needs, containing 20+ vitamins and minerals. Avocados are good for your overall health, as they promote healthy hair, skin, nails & weight loss, and reduce risk of diabetes & heart disease. (Just to name a few). Safe to say I know my way around an avocado — You’ll see it on my resume.

Just FYI — I left Halo Top ice cream out of this post because the addiction is that real…and it deserves it’s own post (coming soon)… But seriously, go try it. (Peanut Butter Cup & Oatmeal Raisin Cookie). I’ve nearly tried them all #NoRegrets #MaybeALittle

What’s your favorite trendy health-food?

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