5 Ways of Spending Cryptocurrency in Brisbane

Australia has always been an interesting region when it comes to using different cryptocurrencies. Some parts of the country are effectively noting an increase in merchant adoption where Bitcoin is concerned. The following locations are…

Bitcoin Unicorn Circle Launches USD-Pegged Cryptocurrency

Circle, the $3 billion bitcoin startup backed by investment banking giant Goldman Sachs, has created a cryptocurrency “stablecoin” whose value is pegged to the U.S. dollar and backed by physical currency stored in company-owned…

This is really exciting doing my first post here in Medium..

This is really exciting doing my first post here in Medium.. What’s most exiting is that, I’m trying help build a community in PIVOT. Well to say something about it, BINANCE which is one of the biggest CryptoCurrency exchange has…

How to Mine Litecoin on a Windows Laptop

Litecoin is an early-stage altcoin developed by a former Google Engineer, Charlie Lee in October 2011. Lee wanted to create a cryptocurrency faster than Bitcoin and easily accessible, with the aim to process block in every two and a…

Crypto Trading To Increase 50% In 2019: Report

Crypto trading volume will increase 50% next year and grow at 9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2028, according to ICO advisory firm Satis Group. As a result, exchanges will continue to increase revenue — growing from $2.1…

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